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Friends, fun & fitness

Irish dancing classes for all ages and experience. From beginners to competition, we support each dancer in reaching their goals, no matter what that might be. 

About Hall School of Irish Dance

Since Gabrielle Hall opened the school in 1982, The Hall School of Irish Dance has been providing Irish dancing classes to students of all ages and abilities in South East Melbourne for almost 40 years. The classes provide a fun and supportive atmosphere where dancers can learn this Irish tradition for fitness, meeting new friends or just for the fun of dancing!

In 2017, the Hall School welcomed a new teacher, Bridget Hoole, who has been dancing with the school since she was just 4 years old. Together, Gabrielle and Bridget have since been able to add additional weekly classes in new locations to support the growing number of Hall School dancers. 


As of 2018, with many former students returning with their young kids, eager for them to start learning to dance, the Hall School introduced the Jump'n Jig Pre School Irish Dance program. We now offer classes for dancers as young as 3 years old to help them develop coordination, confidence and social skills through Irish dance. 


Each year, the Hall School of Irish Dance coordinates and runs 2 Feiseanna - the Easter Feis and November Feis, where dancers from all over the state come to compete. While participation is not compulsory, the stage experience is a great way for dancers to build confidence which they can take with them into everyday life. 


The Hall School feiseanna mark the beginning and the end of the Victorian Irish Dancing feis calendar. Easter Feis kicks off the feiseanna season, providing an opportunity for dancers of all grade levels to assess their dancing. With a number of opportunities to compete in between, the season then comes to a close with the November Feis, where dancers can show off the progress they have made throughout the year.

Throughout the year, our dancers also have the opportunity to perform at community events such as St Patrick's Day celebrations and private functions.


Feiseanna (pronounced "fesh-nah" is the plural of Feis (pronounced "fesh") and is the Gaelic term used to describe an official Irish Dancing Competition.

Hall School Irish Dance Melbourne Testimonial


Chloe first joined Hall School of Dance at the beginning of 2020,  in the Jump & Jig classes.  This program was an excellent introduction to movement and rhythm, as well as Irish Dancing. Chloe enjoyed these classes and was delighted to progress in early 2021 to a beginners class which allowed her to develop her dancing skills at a level appropriate for her age.  She was able to participate in her first Feis, which brought a strong sense of pride to both Chloe and her family. 

Alannah - Chloe's mum

Hall School Irish Dance Testimonial


I love dancing at the Hall School of Irish Dance. I’ve made so many friends and grown in confidence - the teachers are so supportive and caring.

Hall School Irish Dance Testimonial


The day before my eighth birthday I went along to a trial to see if I'd enjoy Irish dancing, nine years later and I am still loving it. Gabrielle and Bridget are great teachers, they give their everything and dedicate a lot of time to supporting their dancers. I am so grateful for everything they have done for me and if you're interested in Irish dancing, I highly recommend giving Hall School of Irish Dance a go.

Hall School Irish Dance Testimonial


I’ve had the pleasure of being part of Hall School as both a child and as an adult. It is truly like a family, with everyone feeling supported and included, irrespective of age or ability. Gabrielle and Bridget, with their dedication, experience and their love of Irish Dance inspire all dancers to be their best on and off the dance floor. I am proud to be a part of this beautiful community.

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